Rototherm Oven

Baking and using characteristics are the same as the other Enkomak rototherm ovens. This oven is designed for pastry shops and supermarkets. It is medium type oven with 12 trays. Demanded steam quantity can be supplied by steam generators. Inside and outside of oven body is completely stainless steel. Electrical, diesel or gas energy types are available. Touch screen, computer or manual controlled panel production is possible. Can be carried easily and delivered as installed. Rototherm ovens are manufactured according to TS EN 1673 standard.


Steam Tube Oven

The steam tube oven model IPE is a static deck oven. The main characteristic of this oven is heating system, with heat suplied by a dense network of closed circuit tubes in which steam circulates. The baking chambers are wrapped by annular tubes, while the roof and the ceiling of each baking chamber are heated by transversal tubes. Electromechanical 24 volt Control panel is used. Structure: The front, the loading end, and the outside covering panels are in stainless steel. The loading doors are made in thick temperate glass, perfectly balanced by stainless steel-lined counter-weights, for a fast opening and easily removable for their cleaning. Steamers: Each baking chamber has its own steamer, which are positioned lengthwise along the tubes in contact with the base of the oven. Since this is the hottest place in the oven, the steamers are always ready for producing great quantity of steam. Demounted delivery is possible.



Dough Kneading Machine

• Fork in stainless designed for optimum kneading quality in all type of dough.
• Bowl is made of stainless steel and dough capacity changes according to desired volume
• Easy maintenance, cleaning and use
• Safety grid (on request)
• 24 V Control panel
• Fork type kneaders revolve at 45 rpm


Automatic Spiral Mixer With Fixed Bowl

Spiral kneading machines are commonly preferred by bakery and pastry shops in order to shorten the usual kneading time. This also provides more homogenate dough mixture and bigger volume bread. Machine works in manual and automatic cycle with two programmable timers. The bowl, spiral arm, bar are made of stainless steel. Reverse bowl rotation. Due to belt transmissions of main power the machine noise level is quite low. Mobile, with blocking devices.


Planetary Mixer

New advanced design made it ideal for mixing eggs, cream, mayonnaise and other similar food products.

Technical Specifications
• Stainless steel bowl and tools
• Heavy duty body construction
• Safety cover device stainless steel (optional)
• Electronic speed controller (optional)
• Electrical Load 2.2 kw


Volumetric Divider

This compact machine has a special designed dividing drum and intake piston therefore, ensures careful dough handling at minimum pressure and no warming of dough. It divides even sensitive dough as gently as by hand. The hopper and all panels are made of stainless steel. Weight adjustment is done by pushbuttons in automatic model. The electronic control system is also displayed on digital display as a ratio of dough processed. Weight ranges are 50 - 200 gr., 100 - 600 gr., 250 - 1000 gr. Total motor power is VD 3000 3,2 kw 220/380 V AC 50 Hz. Dividing speed minimum 20 maximum 40. Comparing to others 90% less oil consumption.

Technical Specifications
• Main body completely steel
• Dividing drum chromium-plated and cylinder is stainless steel.
• Sucking piston anticorrosive
• 24 V control board
• Wheel mounted for easy motion.
• Machine weight 500 kg.
• Steeples output speed adjustment
• Closed circuit oiling system.
• Dough doubling at conveyor belt.
• Standard dough counting.
• Powering with directly from redactor.
• Individually start/stop of flouring motor.
• Heavy duty plastic material lids.(optional)
• Standard hopper capacity 70 kg.


Conical  Rounder

This machine is designed with a rotating cone and adjustable spiral shaped corrosion resistant tracks around it. The dough becomes perfectly rounded while moving from bottom to top in the tracks, which are adjustable. The machine is also equipped with a newly designed mechanical flour duster which does not produce any noise while working. The standard rounding track is 3 meters. The weight range is from 100 gr. to 1200 gr. Electric power 0.55 kw - 220/380 V AC. 50 Hz. It is also possible to produce 50 gr. to 200 gr. working capacity rounder machine.

Technical Specifications
• Stainless steel chassis and lids aluminum cone
and spiral channels.
• Adjustable spiral channels
• Noiseless flour sprinkler
• 24 V control board
• Wheel mounted and locking unit
• Machine weight 205 kg.
• Teflon coated aluminum cone and spiral shaped
chanel (optional)
• Cold air blower
• Hot air blower (optional)
• Variable cone speed via frequency converter (optional)


Intermediate Prover

According to dough quantity, the machine operates automatically, and it is possible to arrange basket duration by means of sensors. Also it is possible to follow dough quantity entering into machine with the help of digital display. Optional features are; UV lamp, Climator unit, and demounted delivery. At this machine, a perfect synchronization of infeed ensures that each dough piece is fed in at the right moment. After every circulation, dough pieces are transferred to the next row by means of a positive transfer mechanism. Depending on demand it is possible to change the direction of transfer mechanism, therefore baker has a freedom of working diagram. Prover has hygienic and releasable nylon mesh pockets. The control switch-board has protection against electric errors such as missing phases or wrong connection. Motor power 0.37 kw. 220/380 V AC 50 Hz

Technical Specifications

• Standard drive by a gear-motor
• 24 V control board
• Removable pockets in nylon mesh
• Provided with sockets for divider, rounder and moulder
• Flour drawers under the prover (on request)
• Alternative input and outlet positions
• Variable motor speed (on request)
• Stainless steel body and basket holders


Long Moulder

This machine is adequate for all dough pieces, including thin bread and small baguettes. The machine has four pieces of rollers and roller gap is steeples adjustable in between 0 - 25 mm. Rollers are equipped with nylon scrapers which are fixed to the frame. Pressure board is adjustable and can be folded up for cleaning purposes. Maximum moulding length is 420 mm. Capacity in a hour is 2800 pieces of dough. Motor power 0.55 kw. 220/380 V AC 50 Hz. And machine weight 220 kg.

Technical Specifications
• Dough centering flaps
• Moulding belt, which is not harmful for
human health
• Pressure board foldable and can be locked
• 24 V Control panel
• Wheel mounted and locking unit
• Completely made of stainless steel
• Machine weight 220 kg
• Stainless, nonstick, and special dough
processing rollers are adequate for food safety


Fermentation Cabinet

This cabinet is necessary for the fermentation process of the dough. The douhg which is divided for making bread should be kept inside this cabinet and required heat and humidity must be supplied in to fermentation cabinet. It is made of special material which gives a hygienic environment for dough. For observing the fermentation, a window added on the cabinet door. The humid and heat inside the cabinet can be seen and controlled on an electronic control box (optional).


Bread Slicing Machine

Slices all types of bread thickness can be 10 mm, 13 mm and 16 mm according to your choice. All bread touching surfaces and knifes are made of stainless steel and main body electrostatically painted. At the end of slicing process, the machine stops automatically. Easy to use, no maintenance, easy cleaning and small size. Manufactured as three phase or single phase motor power

(220 V or 380 V AC 50 Hz)


Flour Sieving Machine

This effective and compact machine airs and sieves flour. The flour is transferred in to the hopper through a vertical conveying screw and later on carried to sieving chamber on top. Flour is sieved by two rotating brushes, and then emptied in to the bowl through outlet. Small wheels make it move easily. Capacity is 2000 kg/h and the height of conveying screw up to 3 meters (optional). There is a safety grid and easy replacement of brushes. Machine weight 93 kg


Palette Carriage 
Used for baking bread in Steam tube  ovens .

Pan Carriage
Used for baking bread in rototherm ovens